Our Story

StoneKastle Community Management is a privately held, full-service management company. StoneKastle has a fresh and unique approach to property management. We aim to bring integrity, passion, and innovation to each community we manage. 

Our founder, Lori Yarborough, noticed that the property management industry is crowded with over-priced management companies that are inflexible and cannot think out-of-the-box. She set out to change the industry by focusing on ways to reduce the cost of management services and improve the customer service experience that property owners and HOA Boards were receiving.

StoneKastle's model of community management includes cost effective practices, streamlined operational procedures and cutting-edge software and enabling technology solutions. Furthermore, we also realize that what makes our company successful is the individual community managers that work directly with the homeowners and Boards. Therefore, we provide our community managers the best technology, training, and mentoring in order to make them successful and extremely effective.

Why StoneKastle?

Low Management Fees

Boards can choose from StoneKastle’s two management fee options: (1) All-Inclusive or (2) base fee plus “incidentals."
StoneKastle’s size and extensive use of technology and external hosting enables it to maintain a low overhead

Technology & Innovation

All administrative and accounting functions are performed in-house with advanced computer hardware and software systems.
Community Managers have access to the latest technology and tools enabling them to be more effective.
Board of Directors are provided electronic copies of reports and documents via email, and online.
During Board Meetings,  community managers can access and review all legal documents as well as non-compliance & work order reports all online or via e-readers.
We offer technology services that provide convenience and easier information access leveraging the Internet, mobile devices and other electronic communications mediums.

Board Member Training

All new Board members have access to "Director Boot Camp" training to teach them how to be effective Board Members.
We educate HOA Boards on California Civil Code as well as working with other Boards of Directors (ie., other HOAs) to collaborate on common and difficult community issues.

Extensive Experience

StoneKastle’s Management Team has strong industry knowledge, solid reputation, and over 20 years of HOA management experience, and is CACM Certified.
StoneKastle maintains unusually open communication with our communities in order to ensure the highest level of Board and Homeowner satisfaction and quick issue resolution.
StoneKastle has created a working environment that supports low employee turnover.

Effective Community Managers

Other companies are constantly reassigning their property managers.  All StoneKastle community managers remain assigned to the community, unless a change is requested.
Other companies overload their managers.  The workload of each of StoneKastle's community manager is strictly limited to ensure prompt and comprehensive service.

Green Company

Other companies use tons of paper.  StoneKastle’s mission is to support a sustainable and green environment featuring reports, invoices, and documents that are scanned and delivered electronically to our HOAs.
StoneKastle uses less paper and reducing the overall storage of documents by digitizing many of our communities’ documents and files.

Resources and Services

StoneKastle offers homeowner associations and property owners a choice of either all-inclusive or base-fee plus "incidentals" management services contract.   Whichever service contract is selected the association can be assured that they are going to have access to some of the best resources in the industry and receive the utmost care and services that StoneKastle delivers.


-An experienced, dedicated, and caring property manager.
-After hours emergency on-call availability 24-7-365 days.

Reporting and Record Retention

-Monthly detail on ledger entries and income statement.
-Annual reporting, structured for tax reporting and accounting.
-Maintenance of all historical records and backup of systems.
-Digital document storage and retrieval.


-Working with Board of Directors, create working budget for community.
-Generate long-term plan for reserves and capital improvements.

Professional Services

-Maintain account relationships with attorney, accountant, and insurance agents.
-Coordinate vendor bid proposal, executing any agreements and contracts, and issuing of purchase orders.


Services, Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements

-Coordination of all common area maintenance and repairs.
-Plan and coordinate all capital improvements for the community.
-Coordinate vendor activities, results, and accountability.
Property/Community Inspection Reports.

Collection of all Fees and Dues

-Collection of association dues, assessments, and fees.
-Assessment Billing via Payment booklets or monthly mailings.
-Take action on all delinquent accounts, Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Credit Card payment processing.
-Rent Collection.

Accounting and Banking

-Custodial care of operating and reserve accounts.
-Account payable entry and processing.
-Track all debit and credit accounting entries.
-Bank reconciliation.